Bluetooth technology

With the new Bluetooth technology, all lights from the IC + MESH series can be easily controlled via app for your smartphone.
The app is available free of charge for both iOS (iTunes Store) and Android (Google play). MESH Technology works with Bluetooth Smart (BLE). Thus, no router or WLAN is needed to control your personal network. It is also not necessary to be in the middle of the Bluetooth lights to control them. Each individual Bluetooth light unit acts as a relay station and passes the commands on to its nearest neighboring light. This greatly extends the radius of use and you have excellent options from one place to control a complete network of lights. 

There are 2 versions of the app. Before you download the APP, check which version is right for your lamps. Take a look at the bottom of the light units. There you will see the name BULBLITE or BULB and behind it the version information. For BULBLITE IC and BULB IC, you need the turquoise app and for BULBLITE MESH and BULB MESH, the black app.

Click on the appropriate version to get to the correct download and explanation page: