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Caret lamps from NDF special light product in Netherlands are an absolut high quality product.

The lamps are perfect for open lampshades and in situations where the light source is always visible

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Caret Squirrel cage filament lamp Caret Squirrel cage filament lamp
Delivering a warm light, the CARET lamp is an ideal retrofit solution for the Edison Squirrel Cage Lamp, which will be phased out. It is particularly suited for use in chandeliers and design fixtures, where the lamp is visible at all...
From €35.80 * €39.90 *
Caret Globe 115 filament lamp Caret Globe 115 filament lamp
Our Caret range has expanded with a Globe version! The Caret Globe115 has the same benefits as the Caret Squirrel Cage and is of great added value to your luminaire. The shape of the Globe and the filament are in perfect harmony and...
€35.80 * €39.90 *