SmartMESH APP® information

To operate the SmartMESH® lamps from Smart and Green, you need the APP with the black Smart and Green logo. The easiest way to find the APP is to enter Smart & Green in this way in the APP Store or on GOOGLE Play.

With the APP technology from Smart and Green, all lamps of the SmartMESH® series can be conveniently controlled via the app with your smartphone. The app is available free of charge for both iOS (Apple) and Android (Google play).

The MESH technology works with Bluetooth Smart (BLE). This means that you do not need a router or WI-FI to control your personal network. It is also not necessary to be in the middle of the Bluetooth lamps to control them. Each individual Bluetooth light unit acts as a relay station and forwards the commands to its nearest neighbor. This extends the range of the control considerably and you have excellent options to control a complete network of lights from one place.


 If you have problems connecting your lamps, a reset of the lamp module often helps.

The battery should be charged and the light should not be switched on.

a.) BULBLITE models (the lights with 1 green button). Press and hold the button for 15 seconds.

b.) BULB models (the lights with two buttons). Press both buttons and hold them firmly for 15 seconds

After letting go, the light MUST light up red, green, blue and white one after the other. Only then was the reset actually carried out successfully. If this confirmation does not appear, please repeat the process and make sure to hold the buttons firmly and permanently.

You can then connect the lights to the APP again.